Welcome to Sarawak UAV drone company


We are still operating during this current MCO.. in cyberspace. This is done by uploading your images and GIS data into free cloud storage for us to download and analyse.

Send us your requirements to: tekgis@gmail.com for a free quote and consultation.

The following services are being offered and executed:

1. Tree stand census (tree counting)
2. Images stitching, digital terrain model (DTM), volummetric, contours
3. Palm trees types and density classification
4. Estate, blocks area, trees density calculation
5. Digitize assets - roads, lines, bloundaries, blocks, points, assets, etc.

We offer special discounts for online services.

Tekgra (Technical Graphics) is an established Sarawak UAV drone and GIS company with over 25 years of GIS mapping experience.

We pioneered the use of fixed wing drones (UAVs) in aerial photography and mapping in Sarawak in 2012. We also provide GIS services in data extraction (roads, boundaries, rivers, etc). Contour lines, 3D DEM, gradient analysis, buffer zones, volummetric calculation, change detection are some of the extra GIS and remote sensing services provided.

Tekgra also manufactures a range of fixed wing drones, characterised by long range up to 110km per flight, heavy payload and ruggedness based. They are supported by locally stocked spare parts and inhouse repair service in Miri.

Regular updates @ facebook.com/tekgra