Providing a total solution in UAV


For our clients, we also fly our clients' UAVs purchased from Tekgra, at special rates.

Clients have the option to engage us to fly for them, either with UAVs that they have purchased from us, or using our own range of in-house UAVS. For clients who purchased our UAVs, on-site trainings are provided included assisted operational flying.

Due to the unique environment of flying inside oil plantation estates, we have developed techniques and customisation to our UAVs based on many years of flying experience. For example, estates typically do not have straight, flat or wide landing areas away from the main office. Overseas-designed UAVs typically set for auto-landings will very often end up in ditches beside the estate roads, crash into trees during landing approaches, or overshoot into the next block if wind direction changes.

Our camera and imaging systems are customised according to the client′s needs. No camera system is equally effective for all imaging situations. We listen to our client′s requirements before proposing and configuring a system to suit that environment.

A camera sensor′s megapixels is actually not a true indication of the output image′s quality. The sensor size, lens type and flying altitude play a much important role. Depending on operational requirements, we use compact cameras and all the way to 1.5kg digital Nikon SLRs in our largest UAV.

Since we are from a commercial GIS background going way back to 1991, we apply our GIS expertise to manipulate and process those images into geo-reference imageries that can then be integrated into a GIS system′s coordinate system, be in Latlong or RSO.

With over 15 years of experience with ESRI, Autodesk, MapInfo and QGIS, we are capable of advising and proposing an integrated system between UAV′s output and client′s GIS infrastructure. This data can then be brought to the field via our portable GIS system on Tablets or smartphones.